What next?

Initial Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute zoom consultation offering a good opportunity to ask any questions, assess your needs and get a good sense of what it might be like for us to work together.


Once we’ve agreed to work together, we will start with a thorough biopsychosocial assessment. Through this assessment we’ll gain a clear understanding of all different elements from the past, present and future that might affect you both negatively and positively. The assessment provides essential information to develop a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and therapeutic goals.

Treatment Plan

After the assessment we will work with you to advise you on a treatment plan, we take time to listen to you ensuring your voice is heard promoting a plan that considers your lived experiences. Working collaboratively we will agree on the support you need with the purpose of creating deep and lasting change.


The type of therapy and length of treatment will depend largely on the needs presented, this will also be true of the delivery; whether online, in person or joining a group.

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